Monday, July 9, 2012

They've Hatched!

 It is time to give you an update on our Birds Nest! 

I am happy to announce that two baby birds started chirping gloriously on Father's Day! We were thrilled! Unfortunately, one egg fell off the ladder and burst, and one egg never hatched at all.

They grew so quickly, in (what felt like) the blink of an eye they were full grown birds. For about 3 weeks they inhabited our back porch ladder(s) and learned to eat, and fly and become a family. Then they stopped coming to the nest and have now moved on to bigger and better things.

We are official "Empty Nesters" and all of us feel slightly sad that they are no longer out there on our porch...we are however, so grateful for the time we had with them and the up-close experience of a nest to examine.

I am learning to be happy in the moment I am in, for when I look back, it will not have lasted nearly long enough.

"For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven" 
~Ecclesiastics 3:1  ESV

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Most Unlikely Places

I honestly think there are few things more exciting than finding a birds nest. We have found them in bushes by our front door. And in Christmas trees. But this nest, this was a surprise I never saw coming.

Last Saturday afternoon, I received a phone call, it's my Dad, he would like to reclaim his ladder back from our house. No problem! I know it is collecting dust out on the back porch...

So we went out back to collect the ladder and bring it to the front yard to be ready for my Dad to take home. But we are surprised by the visitor on top. It is a Morning Dove who has built a nice, little, nest right on the top rung of the ladder! I squealed with delight! A bird? A nest? Are there eggs??

Yes, to all three! So we grab the camera...and immediately show the kids. They suggested we bring one inside and incubate it to hatch with us. "Oh, Mommy, do you think it would mistake US for its Mommy?" asks Byer my 6 year old and the youngest member of our "crew".

Wayyyy up there on top!
No, we have to let its own Mommy keep it warm and help it to hatch and teach it how to live. And hopefully we will hear their squeaking once they hatch and are ready for food! Maybe we can even watch them learn to fly...

Isn't it fun to find a surprise in the most unexpected place?